Wedding Day

Actual Day

Combining the classical beauty of traditional film techniques alongside modern digital technologies, we make the magic of your "Once in a Lifetime" event everlasting.

Our aesthetic and candid approach seeks to embrace each heartfelt smile, every enchanting glance, and the unique human connection, the intangible spark between you and your loved ones.

Starting at: $600.

As is tradition, the engagement pictures of a couple would often feature formulaic, 'copy-pasted' poses, alongside backdrops and props that have been used again and again by other couples.

Vive Lamour breaks away from that norm, focusing instead on the needs and wants of the couple. What makes us stand out from the competition isn't only our skillset, but also our attention to the client's flair and specific style. 

Starting at: $688

If there's something we all wish to hold on to but never will... it's Time. Let a simple session turn into memories that you can see, treasure and keep even as time doesn't stand still.


We want to spend this time with you, to capture the essence of your person, create images of true beauty - and get a different take on someone you might have known forever...

Starting at: $388.


love story

Love Story

Sometimes we feel that some couples could do with simple photography to chronicle their engagement and pre-nupital celebration. 

For others, we'd feel that they deserve the special treatment: to be put into video, to be shown with movement and with physical emotion, things that you can't capture with simple photography alone.

Starting at $1088.
Actual Day

No matter how skilled our photographers are, on the big day they are simply limited to still images to show their ingenuity: to capture the emotion of the client and the scene, and they can't be everywhere at once.

Unlike in cinematography, where emotion and feeling is created, then directed through movement and careful manipulation of the scene.


With film, so much more can be seen, if not felt through the lens: the raw exhilaration, the weighted words, and the simple, innocent sincerity of those little moments.

Starting at $1388.